Men’s Hair Care Pomade

Men’s Hair Care Pomade
I don’t want FOP Damn it, I’m a Dapper Dan Man! Tommy was sick and tired of going to buy pomade at the store, seeing the outrageous pricetag, and then heading home empty handed.  At $15 or more a can, certainly there must be an alternative.  Well here it is — melted bees wax, jojoba oil, lemon essential oil, the plucked flowers off of a few basil plants, and voila. If you’re saving a few bucks, just use olive oil.
Step One
Step Three
Find yourself a nifty candy tin.  This fine specimen came all the way from Shanghai on our Semester At Sea voyage, but we’ve also reused containers from La Vie de la Vosgienne candy, Newman’s Own mints, Vermints, and Altoids.
Step Two
Pick up some bees wax for one or two dollars at any half-decent grocery store. The folks at the Metropolitan grocery store gave us funny looks, but I think Whole Foods carries it. I think it was only an ounce or two.
Step Three
Melt down the beeswax either inside the tin or inside a clean, empty bean can.  Be patient, heat it slowly, and be careful.  Once it’s melted, slowly add the jojoba oil.  I used olive oil originally but jojoba is nicer.  Trader Joe’s has it for $7 a bottle and it can also be used for skin moisturizer.
Final Product

Variations and Tips

I added lemon essential oil and some plant product, but be extra careful adding anything that has water in it.  The oil will evaporate the water and it will spit and could burn you.  Do this right before you cool it off.  In the photo, the tin is sitting on a piece of scrap aluminum as a heatsink, so that the heat is spread evenly and I don’t have to deal with the uneven electric burner.
“Well, it didn’t look like a two-horse town, but try finding a decent hair jelly.” 

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