My first baby quilt

I got this quilt design from a wonderful book called “Quilting for Peace” by Katherine Bell. I made the quilt for a dear friend of mine that is due any day now.

I choose a couple of bright, complex prints then added a solid and a calmer print for balance.

Finished size: App. 36″x49″

1/2 yard for each four 44″ wide soft cotton fabric
1 1/2 yard backing fabric
Quilt mock binding
Crib-size light weight batting
Matching cotton thread

Quilt Detail

1. From the 1/2 yard pieces cut one 3 inch x 36″, one 4 1/2″x36″ strip and one 5 1/2 x 36″ strip.
2. Line up their long sides, arrange the 12 striped into desired pattern. Sew longe edge of each successive pair of strips with 1/4 ” inseam, and press the seam allowances together.
3. Make a quilt sandwich of the three layers, and pin-baser the layers together.
4. Stitch in the ditch across all the lines and border.
5. Pin and sew the mock binding.
* I choose to embroider their name and year in the center for a personalized touch.

Front View

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