Wedding Cider

My sister was married this past summer and we wanted to celebrate with a toast of homemade apple cider. The process started the fall before the wedding and continued until weeks before the wedding in July. We handpicked the apples in Mt. Vernon, WA and processed and brewed the cider and then let it bottle age until the following summer. It was a great experience and the results where toast worthy.

IMG_1506Hard Cider-
2- gallon jugs of Old Fashioned Apple Cider (we got our’s locally from Cedardale Orchards in Mt. Vernon)
2 -half gallons jugs spiced cider from Trader Joe’s
2- half gallons apple juice from Trader Joe’s
5 Camden Tablets
Pectic Enzyme
White Labs Champagne Yeast

1. Sanitize a food grade bucket as the primary fermentor.
2. Pour in all the cider into the bucket.
3. Crush 5 campden tablets in the mixture. (Pitching) to kill off wild yeast and unwanted bacteria that occur naturally.
4. Wait one week
5. Add pectic enzyme & pitched white labs champagne yeast.
6. Ferment until dry. Starting gravity of about 1.1
7. Age for 2 weeks
8. Bottle
9. Age for at least 4 months

Making the toast with the cider

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