Bosnia and Herzegovina Easter- Natural Egg Design and Dye

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I was lucky enough to be an Activity Leader for a Youth Leadership Program for students and teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program ran for four weeks and went over Easter. While we were on a retreat on Whidbey island some of the teachers shared their Easter traditions with me which I am excited to share with you!

Natural Eye Dye
Red onion skins in a water bath for a few days. Soak eggs in soaked skins.

Onion soak
Red Onion bath

Natural Herb Decoration
Collect herb, grasses, leaves, plants that have a fun design. Wrap the collection in nylon socks and soak in the natural eye dye bath. Boil for 20 minutes.

Leaf print
Leaf print

Other Easter traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina include baking bread without yeast and a large family dinner on Easter day. The night before Easter families gather to dye eggs and collect eggs, ham, bread and other Easter dinner items in a basket and take the baskets to mass for the food to be blessed. On Easter morning the eat nothing before eating the blessed food.

photo 2
Easter Eggs!




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