Airstream Adventures

After a week of moving between couches and hotel rooms we found a temporary solution for our housing. We didn’t want to commit to a year lease but we also didn’t want to jump into buying property before we really decided what our long terms plans should be. So we decided to make a weird life choice and buy a 1978 Argosy Airstream! We drove down to Georgia and picked up our Craigslist find. The process of finding the trailer proved to be far more difficult than I thought it would be. Airstreams are hard to come by these days, not overpriced ones that is. We looked for a few weeks on Ebay, Iwanna, Craigslist, RV websites, Airstream forums and locally. After a few hiccups we finally found one that might work for us down in Georgia. Finding it in pretty good condition and livable was a must we couldn’t live in a gutted out shell or one that had major issues. The airstream was clean and in good working condition and the right price so we drove away with our new home on wheels. Tommy and I got married in July so this is our first “home” we’ve owned together and it came complete with a full set of instructions for an adventure to come. The lot we are parking it on has water and electric hook up’s and a large area for our puppy to play in. The model Airstream we bought had two twin beds (not ideal for a couple) and a pull out couch. It has a fridge, small kitchen range, small bathroom and a functioning awning outside. There is no oven it was taken out sometime ago and Tommy has had to work on the hot water heater, power issues and a number of other challenges along the way. It feels like we are camping as a lifestyle choice. It will be an adventure, I don’t know for how long or where this road will lead us but it is our path for a little while at least. The crafting might slow down for a bit as we focus on renovating and updating our home on wheels but lots of projects will come up along the way no doubt.

Our new home
Our new home

Life is about discovering. We are not sure what we are looking for or when or how we will find it but we are lucky and we know it and what to make the most out of it all. It feels unconventional and strange and defiantly new but I am going into this with an open mind and heart and hoping it leads to new paths and adventures. When I wake up in the morning and it is chilly because our furnace doesn’t quite work yet and when I stop and realize I live in 31’ of space with another person and a dog and feel a sense of panic I just have to remind myself that we are lucky and we are trying new things and that my friends is life. It is messy and unpredictable and sometimes you live in a house on wheels but there isn’t an instruction book that tells you not to take detours like this so you go with it and you make the most out of it.



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