Airstream Days-The Adventures of Tommy, Leah and Hobbes

We’ve had the airstream about a week and a half now and are trying to narrow down what kind of renovations we want to make. We are going with a brown and blue color scheme since there is already such a large brown presence (it being from 1978). I have bought things to help make it feel homey and pulled together with a trip to Ikea, multiple trips to HomeGoods, vintage shops and even an auction. The items like a rug, blankets, curtains, throw pillows ect. help to give it a personal touch.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The set of challenges we have had in the first weeks have been working on the furnace, hot water, electric, fridge and drainage tanks. It takes a bit of time to understand how the systems work and what works and what doesn’t. We are very fortunate in the fact our Airstream is in great condition and everything is in working order minus the furnace and missing oven. It just takes time to see what works well and what doesn’t when living full time in an Airstream. We had our first experience dumping our black water tank and was surprised at how easy the process was but having to pick up and move our home weekly won’t work. We will have to find another solution like a portable tank system. The process of spending Saturday morning locking everything down in your home so you can pick it up and move it to empty the septic tank is a new one for me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We are settling into life in 31 feet of space. Easily enough for a couple that have lived on a ship together, small homes and traveled around the world sleeping in very questionable hostels, but it does come with its challenges. A major issue we have to work out is getting the internet down in our Airstream so that Tommy can work without having to go hunt down internet on the daily. We are looking at multiple options but if anyone has suggestions they would be most welcome. We need really reliable, fast internet for his work and we can’t rely on cell phone hot spots that throttle the internet. The other major issue that isn’t much of a problem now but as the days go on will be is the broken furnace. The crisp fall mornings are bearable but as we head into colder days in the mountains we will have to find another heating solution. We can run a space heater for now and we have an overhead heat source that produces some heat but a more reliable source is something on our radar as well. We are lucky in the fact that we have hook ups for our water and electric and a barn space next to us that make easing into this living situation easier.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Pouring over all the blogs out there on Airstream remodels we have found so many where people are contracting out the process of the remodel. There are companies that will remodel and update Airstreams to suit their clients. I have no problem with this but it was amazing to see how many people out there have a desire for state of the art remodeled Airstreams that are nicer than any place we have ever lived! We have a few major changes we are looking to make. The main being the wasted space of the two twin beds for us. The model we have has sleeping for four however, unless we want to sleep Lucy and Ricky style and sleep in twin beds next to each other our option is converting the sofa into the sleeper nightly.  The twin bed space is wasted for our right now and we are looking at taking out at least one of the beds and converting it into a more useable space for a family of two (three counting the dog, which we do). The hunt for the house or the land or whatever is out there for us continues but as we take our time and way our options life in the Airstream is an adventure I am sure we will always remember.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


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