Airstream Updates- Fabric Paneling

I am sure it was a wonderful year but fabric choices made in 1978 need to stay in 1978. The paneling over the twin beds is a necessary competent to the bed area, it provide insulation and definition to the area. However, the fabric had to go as quickly as possible. I chose 45″ Home Decor Fabric called Dandelion Netual from Joanne’s. I needed about 2.5 yards for each side and the fabric was on sale for $5.99 a yard. I had remaining fabric which I plan on making bed pillows out of for the twin beds.  I removed the paneling and cleaned the existing fabric and the lined up my new fabric overtop the existing so that the thick upholstery fabric would still be there to provide the insulation needed.  Using a heavy duty staple gun I started from the cetner and stretched the fabric as I went to make sure the fabric was pulled tight around the entire surface. It was an easy update and one that provided an quick fix for a large visual space.

Fabric Detail
Fabric Detail

photo (5)


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