On the Road….

Over the last several months we have been well… in transition. In March we moved out of our place that we had been living over the last several years and moved in with my sister and brother in-law. We wanted a change and didn’t really know what that looked like so we decided to stay there and lived outside of the city for a while until we figured out our next move. The course of those several months we got married, went to Alaska, hiked the mountains, explored, soaked in the summer and enjoyed living with another couple. As the summer came to an end we made the decision to move back to our home state. We picked up our lives in Seattle packed our belongings into a storage unit and made the two week road trip in our Prius to NC. During the road trip we talked about every combination of the next chapter in our story. We knew a few certainties but still felt the unknown hovering above us. Where, what, how and mostly why were we making our move and how would it all play out! We had a car load of personal belongings our precious dog and each other with no real plans in front of us. photo 1 (18)

We arrived two weeks later in NC and started to script a plan as we stayed in our hotel room. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve moved. We moved for my graduate school to Vermont, we moved back to NC once already after school, and we moved together across the country towing a tailor behind our Camry (that’s another story on it’s own). However, this felt different this time we had no real plan, when we moved to Vermont we knew how long and why we were moving there, when we moved to Seattle we knew we were going to make something of ourselves, craft our careers and find adventure. This time we knew where we didn’t want to live anymore but we didn’t really know where we should end up. I would joke around saying well let’s just go from city to city and find the place we want to live, or let’s buy an Airstream and travel around chasing the summer. But when we arrived we didn’t know what we were going to do and as we closed out our last night in our hotel room we decided to buy an Airstream. An Airstream! What a great idea that’s my dream! Right?! Well let’s be serious here it is the mountains and the fall is quickly turning into winter and my partner relies on the internet for work 9 hours a day. The challenges of the Airstream full time lifestyle have been well, challenging. Doable at times and an adventure sure but taxing. We’ve already had our first frost and our first snow and we needed a break from the unknown. So what do we do?! What we are good at, seeking out another “adventure”…

We spent the last two weeks in Brooklyn staying with friends and visiting NYC. We winterized our Airstream, packed up our Prius (again) with our belongings and sweet dog and headed up to NYC for a few weeks. We road tripped up along the Shenandoah National Park and soaked in the fall leaves and vistas along the way. Over the few weeks we were there we once again discussed and rediscussed our plans and ideas for the future. I enjoyed NYC in the fall taking in a Broadway show, visiting with close friends, ate amazing meals, tried on several yoga studios and hit up all the tourist sights. I left NYC and flew to Houston for a yoga leadership teacher training and journeyed back to NC.photo 2 (17)

Upon our return the fall leaves had fallen and the trees are bare and the threat of winter is all around. I am constantly reminded our the changing seasons, I even heard Christmas music on the radio today and checked my calender to realize it has been over two months since we left Seattle and have lived essentially out of our car, in the homes of friends and family, in hotels and in an Airstream. I haven’t had more than a few outfits I have cleverly learned to rearrange and re-wear over and over again. I have done with out many of my “things” for months now and it really makes me realize how little we really need and what belongings we feel are required to live but when it comes down to it what we really need is very little. I have had to shift my patterns and mindsets and adapt and be flexible and relearn what I think it means to have a home and be settled. Even though we are still uncertain and unsure what our next chapter holds I am thankful for this time of exploration and adventure and find peace in knowing that my home is my family and as long as I have that I can take each day into the unknown. (oh and p.s. super thankful and blessed to have so many friends and family hosting us along the way!!)


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