Mini Greenhouse

This Christmas one of the white elephant gifts was a mini greenhouse from Ikea. It is a perfect way to bring a bit of gardening and plant life to a cold winter! We tried terrariums a few years back which I loved but am excited about this new mini greenhouse. It offers a fun visual to the space and allows for an easy maintenance way to have a little of spring and summer in the dead of winter. The greenhouse provides a good environment for seeds to sprout and plants to grow and added a perfect touch of nature to our living room. The Ikea greenhouse has roof options for ventilation and temperature control. I filled my greenhouse with a few small ferns, orchids and pixie plants. I used a Maidenhair Fern, a Lemon Button Fern, a False Aralia, a small African Violet and two small orchids. I transferred the plants into small clay pots and then laid a ground cover of sheet

The green house requires moderately moist soil and part sun for the plants and a light misting over the sheet moss weekly. Temperature for the orchids is ideal for around 65-85F but shouldn’t drop below 55F degrees. The other plants are a bit hardier at 40F being there low temperature. Most likely a few of my plants will grow and need to be trimmed and maintained to fit in the space. This can be done by carefully trimming and pruning the plants. Most plants can be pruned by removing their growing tips. This trimming will also promote the growth of side shoots and increase the bushiness of plants. It is also important to trim and remove any part of the plants that show signs of disease or fungus.

The Ikea greenhouse (SOCKER) runs $20, they have another fancier version for $30. One small bag of sheet moss enough for the whole green house ran me $8.50. The mini orchids were $7 each from Trader Joe’s. The other small plants all together were $15. Total cost was around $55. photo (1)

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