Twin/His & Her Blankets

My dear friend is having twin in May and I wanted to make something unique for her boys. I decided to make complimentary ombre blankets. The colors fade into one another and each blanket is complementary but unique just like I’m sure the twins will be. Once I finished and had them laying side by side I realized they would also make cute his and her blankets the two laid out next to each other are about the size of our queen bed. So for twin baby blankets, his/her blankets or just one on its own this quilt pattern is fun and 4

Fabric Needed (plan on this being a long trip to the fabric store to have 26 different fabrics picked out and cut)
26 strips of different color fabric 1/8 yard each (4/1/2″ each) X the width of the fabric at least 36″(mix it up with some patterned, some basic and a few in between)
4 white strips 1.5″ wide X the width of the fabric
2.5 yards backing fabric for each quilt (so 5 yards total 2.5 of each different fabric)
4 packages of double bias tape (2 matching colors for each)

*If you are only interested in making one quilt you can still get 26 strips of fabric and have a more dramatic look just cut the strip size down by 1

First you are going to want to go through some of the scrap fabric you might already have. This is a great project for working with lots of colors and putting those scrap fabrics to good use just be sure they are long enough and wide enough strips. When you make it to the fabric store be sure to get a cart cause you are going to need it. Depending on how much you were able to find in your scrap fabric you are going to need a lots of different fabrics. When I am picking out my colors I lay them across the cart in the order I think looks best and make sure to get a good variety of bold fabric patterns with some mellow ones. Get ready to smile real big and bright when you walk up to the cutting counter cause you are going be asking for a lot. The sweet ladies at Joanne’s never seem to mind but it always feels intense walking up with 26 bolts of fabric in your cart so try and make it to the store when there isn’t a huge rush.

Fabric Strips
Fabric Strips

Have 26 strips of 1/8 fabrics cut from your colored fabrics. Then have  your white fabric cut for 4- 1.5 inch strips, go ahead and be safe and get 1/2 yard of white fabric for this. Finally, you need two different backing fabrics of 2.5 yards each. This backing fabric can be anything that matches the color scheme but I used two my favorite patterned fabrics from the strips fabric (the monster and whales) to match each quilt.  Don’t forget your matching bias tape. I bought two different colors one for each quilt, and each quilt takes 2 packages (four total!)

Once you get home lay out your fabric strips in the order that you like then split the fabric into halves. One will be one quilt (13 strips for each quilt. Now you have your fabrics for each quilt 13 for one 13 for the other. The colors should flow nicely and look harmonious. Now you are ready to start sewing!

Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew the strips into pairs first. Then sew the pairs all together for each quilt. Don’t forget you are working on two quilts so remember where you divided the two quilts and don’t sew the two quilt strips together! Press the seams open with an iron.

For each quilt: Fold the length of the quilt top in half and align it carefully on the cutting mat.  Trim the edges straight until the quilt top is even on all edges. With the quilt still on the cutting table, make a cut 8″ in from the right side.  Make another cut 5″ in from the last cut. Sew a white strip onto each side of the 5″ strip.  Press towards the white strips and trim the ends. Rotate the strip 180 degrees, and sew the strip back in between the larger pieces to make the quilt top.  Press towards the white strips.

Once all your sides are even and the front of your quilts are complete sew the front of the quilt to the backing fabric. Be sure all sides are even and use your iron to press and flatten as needed. Once the two sides are attached complete with your bias tape.


All the fabric laid out pre-sewing
All the fabric laid out
photo 3
Side by Side


Quilt 1
Quilt 1

photo 2

Quilt 2
Quilt 2



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  1. These look beautiful! And thank you for such clear instructions – I might just have to add this to my list of 2015 projects … 🙂

  2. Dominique says:

    I love these quilts, Leah! I love your choice of fabrics and how you arranged the colours. Just catching up on some long overdue blog reading…

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