Life back in the Airstream

Returning from New Zealand we moved back into our 1978 Airstream and have settled back into full time trailer life. When we got home I started full steam on my new adventure- starting a small cut flower farm on the land. Over the last two months I have been tilling, turning and babying the land so that those tiny seeds would have a nice little home to settle into. We started with pasture land and turned roughly half an acre into flower and veggie beds. When I started this whole project back in the winter by studying, researching and preparing this business I knew it would be hard work. However, when I was hands on digging trenches for the beds I really knew, I really really knew farming is hard work and I am only scratching the surface with the work I’m doing. I will admit I have almost thrown the towel in a couple times now, once when I was convinced no seeds I was planting were going to grow, and then again when I was in the midst of double digging, hand digging the trenches for the mounded beds. Luckily, I have an amazing support system that encourages me and supports my crazy ideas. IMG_3099

After a difficult two months the fields were tilled, mounted, composted and prepped, the business plan was written, LLC was established and Pisgah Flowers went from an idea to a farm. The fields are all planted and I have a range of annuals, perennials and veggies planted and actually growing!

We are living in our Airstream just a few feet from the flower rows which makes my morning commute ideal. Tommy is working out of the barn dialing into work remotely for his career job in Seattle and has a bird’s nest as his cubicle buddy. We have a tiny adventure every day from defending the baby birds from the black snakes or the dogs chasing the groundhog around while we are trying to work to the inherent challenges of living in a few dozen feet of space. To learn more about our farming adventure follow Pisgah Flowers on Facebook, Instagram and through our website IMG_3116


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