Tiny House

We built a tiny house! It is about 170 square feet and serves a our living space, my farm office and Tommy’s office. We wanted a place we could live in on and off between traveling and be used as an office space for the farm. A tiny house would serve us in more seasons than the Airstream could provide. We had the help of LKN custom homes to build our tiny home. The home was built in three long working days and once roughed in Tommy and I set to work on making it ours. See the video below to watch the construction process!IMG_4370

We had a blank slate; imagine one empty room and visualize making it serve all your home needs. We wanted to keep our budget as small as possible and use what we could of what we already had. So we opted out of lofting or doing any fancy roof designs and stick with the bed we already have. Since we had a queen size bed that we knew would take up a large chunk of space we started there and worked our way around. Five, maybe six trips to Ikea later we now have a livable, workable space that we can use in a number of ways for years to come.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen
The Kitchen

The kitchen is the largest section of the house and was the trickiest to design. We used a section of wood from Lowe’s for the countertop placed. For our sink we used the Ikea Boholmen sink and the Sektion base cabinet. For added space and storage we bought a Forhoja kitchen cart which is one wheels and conveniently slides in and out as we need it.  Tommy made the other cabinets underneath custom for food and utility storage. The kitchen is equipped with a  Waring DB60 Portable Double Burner hot plate and a microwave, as of now though we keep the mini fridge in the barn for added space.

The Bedroom
We have our queen size bed, which takes up a large chunk of total square footage. For clothing storage we used Ikea storage bins that fit under the bed. The TV is attached to a VonHaus Ultra Slim Cantilever Articulating Arm Swivel & Tilt Wall Mount TV Bracket.  This is really handy for being able to watch the TV from any direction in the house. The cabinet was designed and built by Tommy for storage and a spot for the TV.

The Dining Room

“The Dining Room”

For the dining room table we installed a Norberg wall mounted drop leaf table for added space if needed in the future. There is only enough space for the two of us, maybe three if pushed for eating but it serves well for our needs.

“The Office”

The Office
After several trips to Ikea we finally discovered the Algot storage system. You can put together the parts yourself to best fit your storage needs and available space. Or, choose from our wide range of ready-made solutions. We created a standing desk combination and storage system station completely out of the Algot system. I wish we had found this system in the beginning it would have made life a lot easier. Any one looking into the tiny house design should check out this organization storage solution. We also used a combination of storage boxes a shelves to complete the tiny section devoted to the standing desk office space.

“The Bathroom”

The Bathroom
Our bathroom is butted up with the kitchen and you can turn 180 degrees and turn from cooking to the shower! For now we keep our composting toilet in the barn, we will see how that goes when the weather gets colder. It works-for now. The shower is a Mustee Durastall shower stall. It was a tricky item to find and we only found it after talking through every other solution we could think of. We were having trouble finding an affordable solution for the space we had. The Durastall is the cheapest option out there, so don’t expect quality, it is a whole shower set for around $150 and is functional.  You can find this product at Ace Hardware and Home Depot online only.  It was a nightmare to put together and would certainly recommend installing BEFORE moving in (we were living in the house and installing the shower for a week- not great for marriage health:) ). We bought the cheapest tankless hot water heater we could find, the Eccotemp L10 portable outdoor from Amazon for around $230.  For our vanity and bathroom storage we bought the Gunnern mirror and cabinet. If you are into a luxury bathroom this isn’t it but it is functional and serves for what we need it to and is the cheapest option we could come up with.IMG_4637

We still have a long way to go before we feel our home is complete. However, in one summer we were able to create an office/home that allowed us to live on the farm, save money, and give us a place to work.


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