Food Recipes

We love sushi and have a blast experimenting with new ideas for sushi night. Typically it just involves “what do we have in the fridge tonight?!” Tonight we had sweet potato, avocado, goat cheese and ginger and turns out those are all super yummy in sushi. The recipe below is the outline for how to make the sushi and you can mix and match the different main ingredients in whatever combinations suit you. We did four maki rolls for tonights dinner; one avocado, sweet potato and goat cheese, one just avacado, one just ginger and sweet potato, and one combination of all the ingredients.

1 Cup Rice (we like to use jasmine)
2 Cups Water (for the rice)
1 1/2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons sugar
Soy Sauce
Maki Rice Paper
1 large sweet potato
1 avocado
Sliced ginger

Goat cheese
Plastic Wrap
Bamboo rolling mat

(we got 4 big rolls out of this amount, enough to feed 2-3 maybe 4 people)

1. Prepare the rice in a rice maker
2. Once cooked add the rice vinegar, sugar and salt
3. Set rice aside and allow to cool
4. Prep the ginger, avocado, and sweet potato
-microwave the sweet potato for about 3 minutes or stir fry your choice (you want it to be cooked and soft but not mushy)
-slice the avocado into medium thick slices
-slice ginger
5. Now you’re ready to roll!
– How to Roll Maki-
1. Moisten hands in bowl of equal parts water and rice vinegar
2. Cut off the top quarter of each nori sheet along the short end. PLace nori sheet shiny side down on a sushi mat covered with plastic wrap.
3. Press the rice onto the nori with your hands leaving a one inch border on 1 long end of the nori. Add your fillings of your choice( different combinations of all the main ingredients, to your liking)
4. Lift the edge of the nori closest to you; fold it over the filling. Life the bottom edge of the sushi mat; roll it toward the top edge, pressing firmly on the sushi roll.
5. Keep rolling the nori to the top edge; press the sushi mat to seal the roll. Let sit seam side down for five minutes.
6. Slice about half an inch from each end of the roll and cut the roll into 5 pieces.
7. Dip your tasty rolls into mixture of wasabi and soy sauce and enjoy!



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